Friday, July 29, 2011


Last night Curtis and I decided to go to bed nice and early. I think I was asleep by 8:30; it was some of the most restful sleep I have had all week. It was very refreshing. I also had an interesting dream. In my dream I was standing at the counter of an Indian restaurant (not sure which one… it looked casual). I was in the process of paying for a very delicious meal I had just eaten with great company. I remember looking to my left while I was paying and seeing Saraswathi standing there with me. We had just eaten lunch. We hugged while she thanked me for the food, and I kissed her on the forehead. She was wearing a beautiful red and orange sari. It was kind of an odd dream.
When I was recalling my dream later in the day, I was a little embarrassed about it. For one, I have never met Saraswathi, and I guess I feel weird about dreaming about my “guru’s” daughter… like I’m being intrusive or something. Secondly, I felt a little bashful that I dreamed that I was buying her a meal. I guess I would have felt much better and that it would mean much more to someone if I were to cook them a meal as opposed to purchase. I guess I can’t really beat myself up over that or anything J It was just a dream. A little crazy though.

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