Friday, September 9, 2011

Pranayama and Meditation with Hilary

A couple weeks ago our friend Hilary came over to our house to lead us through a pranayama and meditation class. She had just returned from her teacher training in Mount Madonna, CA. It was awesome getting one on one time with someone that could really explain each breathing technique and make sure we were doing it correctly.

First, she reviewed the four cleansing breaths that should be performed before you begin your pranayama practice (I will summarize in a later post). I never realized how much of a workout breathing could be! My abs were pretty tired after just these four. After that, she went over a couple other breaths (which, unfortunately I do not quite remember). I think we did bumble bee and a couple others. Curtis was a little more familiar with them than I was. Pranayama took about 45 minutes by itself. After the pranayama, Hilary led us through a short meditation. She said she normally would spend at least 15 minutes in meditation, but we only made it through about 7 :)  By minute 3 or 4 I was definitely distracted. I kept feeling every ache and pain and uncomfortable position from sitting for so long. Curtis and I are wimps when it comes to sitting still for that long! I think (like with most things in life), it will come with practice. I have been wanting to commit to doing the 4 cleansings breaths and a short meditation or scripture reading every morning before practice, but over the last 2 weeks, I have only accomplished that a few days. I need to just be dilligent and commit to it, or realize I will not have a pranayama practice yet and just be ok with that :) (However, since I found a wrinkle on my forehead, I'm really hoping I just buck up and commit to it! haha).

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