Friday, September 9, 2011

Headstand and other things...

I don't mean to brag... but today I finally could hold my headstand for 25 breaths! The last few breaths may have been a little rushed... but I did it! I really struggle with headstand for some reason. By the end of practice I think my shoulders are so tired from all the lift ups (or attempts!) that I am just burned out.

Stefanie and Curtis have been helping me with my drop backs recently as well... They feel better everyday. I'm hoping that I can start dropping back on my own in the next month or two. One of the requirements for starting second series is being able to drop back and come up unassisted... I have a little ways to go :)

My knee is finally feeling much better. I  think it's just been opening up in a major way. I just need to get used to being a little stiff and sore everyday. I think practicing six days a week will just do that to a person. I'm also trying to get more protein and water hoping that helps...

Lastly, I can't express the amount of gratitude I have for the space at Blue Sky every morning. Having a place to go and practice every morning at 6 am makes my day so much easier. I don't have to try to find a place or a time to practice. Thank you Thank you Thank you, Cheryl!!!

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  1. it's not bragging boo boo.. it's being proud of yourself! GOOD FOR YOU!!! love you